"If you lack satisfaction, you cannot be deemed rich."

-- Japanese Proverb


May 2015: Michael's short film "Sparkle!" begins principal photography in Novato, CA. Cinematographer: Garrett Low. Lighting Director: Bob Sitzwohl. Assistant Director: Henry Lee. Producer: Mollie Carol Isaacks. Art Direction: Katy Tiemann and Marisa Arigona. The film has a Facebook page with preproduction and production stills; test videos; cast and crew pix; and more:


April 2014: Michael's short film "Buckeye" is selected as a finalist in the Shorts Showcase Film Festival program on PBS/KVCR (Southern California) and airs April 19, 2014.

February 2014: Michael's short film "Buckeye" is entered in the Shorts Showcase competition aiming to win airtime on PBS. Watch the movie here and "like" it to vote for it:


November 2013: Michael's short film "Sparkle!" begins preproduction. With Chris Hebert (who shot "Buckeye") as DP, we are looking forward to more beautiful imagery in a short film about a tween who survives child abuse partly through the help of her doll, Sparkle!, as well as self-destructive but self-soothing behaviors such as cutting and head banging.

July 2013: Michael's short film "Buckeye" wins a Members' Award at the 20th Scary Cow Independent Film Festival at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, CA. Selected by members of the Scary Cow film collective as one of the best short films in the screening, "Buckeye" was created by an amazing cast and crew (see next item below).

June 2012: Working with a stellar Scary Cow crew, including Chris Hebert (director of photography), Kevin David Jones (assistant cameraman/director), Pauline VanBeek (production sound), J. Carlos Salazar (grip and production assistant) and Monica Villavicencio (production assistant), as well as the talented actors Sheila Savage (playing VIRGINIA) and Karl Mossberger (as VICTOR), Michael completes principal photography on his short film "Buckeye" in Novato, CA, at the Deer Island Open Space. Here's the film's Facebook page, with production stills and other information...https://www.facebook.com/shortfilm.Buckeye

In this interesting panorama created by Production Assistant J. Carlos Salazar, we can see on location (from left to right) actress Sheila Savage (against the tree), director Michael Mesmer, assistant camera/director Kevin David Jones (with reflector), cinematographer Chris Hebert, production sound recorder Pauline VanBeek (foreground), and production assistant Monica Villavicencio (with reflector). Missing are actor Karl Mossberger and, of course, Carlos, who took the picture :^)

March 2012: Michael finishes his first fiction short film, "My Business" and screens it on March 3 at the Round 16 Scary Cow Independent Film Festival at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, CA.

You can watch a "teaser" trailer for the film here:


April 2011: Michael finishes principal photography for his short film, "My Business". You can see photos from the sets, cast and crew on Facebook:


Erik Braa portrays PETE, who is having a bad day.

December 2010: Michael finishes his first original screenplay for a 10-minute film based on his original short story, "My Business".

October 2010: Michael joins the Scary Cow independent film co-op.

Join Scary Cow - the indie film co-op!

October 2010: Michael's film "ACT To End Family Violence" is submitted for broadcasting by Novato Public Access Television (http://www.npat.org) and the Community Media Center of Marin (http://www.cmcm.tv).

There are several segments from the film on You Tube at:


September 2010: Michael completes his first film, "ACT To End Family Violence". First public screening is scheduled for October 7, 2010 in San Rafael, CA.

June 2010: "Worms & Butterflies" screens at the Scary Cow Round 10 film festival. See the film here:


March 2010: Michael has been cast as "Richard" in the Scary Cow independent film project "Worms & Butterflies". Principal filming is scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2010, in the Mission district of San Francisco.

March 2010: The "Got To Sing Karaoke" episode of "I Almost Got Away With It" on the Investigation Discover Channel, in which Michael portrays "Lloyd", premiered on March 2, 2010.

November 2009: Michael began editing performance footage from "ACT To End Family Violence" for a full-length documentary about the show; it may also end up as a series of short films.

October 2009: Michael produced "ACT To End Family Violence" at the offices of Marin Abused Women's Services in San rafael, CA. He also wrote and played guitar on "Men Like You", a song about a woman leaving a violent relationship that was performed at the show.

July 2009: Michael appeared as King Henry in a scene from "The Lion In Winter" at the Marin Actors Workshop showcase this month.

March 2009: Michael was cast as "Lloyd" and filmed in an unnamed episode of a new program to be broadcast on the investigation Discovery Channel in 2010, tentatively titled "I Almost Got Away With It".

February 2009: Michael is now a member of the Marin Actors Workshop, where he studies scenes with Terry McGovern (www.marinactorsworkshop.com).